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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

19th January 2019

In view of the latest development of seasonal influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within our school, the Education Bureau has informed us that the kindergarten cum child care centre is to close from 19th January – 25th January 2019.

Welcome message from Discovery Mind 

Founded in 1996, our early mission was to provide high quality education to the local and overseas community of Hong Kong in the post-handover era. Our focus was, and remains until today, to offer all-round, multi-dimensional teaching to our children, to prepare them for growing up in a multi-cultural environment in Hong Kong and worldwide. The decision to set up our campus in Discovery Bay, one of the greenest living environments in Hong Kong, is a natural ‘fit’ for the community we serve.

With the tireless dedication and care of our teaching staff through the years, our graduates are a healthy mix of overseas and local students. They excel academically, and in many cases have gone on to pursue higher education at various prestigious institutions. We are proud to have contributed to their success.

As the global society has evolved a great deal during the past two decades, we have also adapted to suit an ever-changing environment. We have maintained the four pillars of our teaching principles, and tailored our syllabus to these core values. We strive to instill in our children a Worldly Perspective; we focus on nurturing the Creative Minds of our students; we ensure our children enjoy a Caring Environment as if they were at home; and we hope our graduates leave our school with a Happy Soul.

At Play Centre, our focus is on creating a harmonious play environment where children of different cultural backgrounds, often speak different languages, can learn to cope and accept each other, instilling in them at an early stage the belief that, while we are all unique, it is essential to respect others in the diversity of these beliefs, cultures and languages. At Kindergarten, we place emphasis on small class teaching so that the teachers can devote more attention to individual students, allowing the potential of each student to be developed and flourished. At Primary School, we engage with our class on an individual level, and with much attention dedicated to the character building of these young boys and girls, so that they can develop into adaptable and socially responsible citizens with the ability to shape our society in future.

As demand for our quality education and children care services grew, we have expanded beyond Discovery Bay, to other parts of Hong Kong and across the border. We have attracted the attention of many parents who wish to broaden their children’s horizons and provide them with a more global scope, either in the pursuit of knowledge or life experience.

The ‘Discovery Mind’ family will continue to grow. We welcome you as one of our family members to start the journey to discover the world with a global mind.

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