Teachers and Staff
Wednesday, January 23, 2019

19th January 2019

In view of the latest development of seasonal influenza and to minimize the spread of influenza within our school, the Education Bureau has informed us that the kindergarten cum child care centre is to close from 19th January – 25th January 2019.



Ms Kabeeta Gurung
Head of School & International K1 am
Ms Zoe Ng
International K1 am
Ms Kriszel Apo (TA)
International K1 Teaching Assistant
Ms Cindy Lin
Head Teacher / Bilingual K1 am & K1 pm
Ms May Zhao
Bilingual K1 am / International K2 pm
Ms Janet Hon
Bilingual K1 AM Teaching Assistant
Ms Cindy Liu
Bilingual K1 pm
Ms Nicky McGrath
International K2 pm
Ms Mandy Chan (TA)
International K2 Teaching Assistant
Ms Lily Ho
Art Coordinator / Bilingual K2 pm
Ms Nacny Zheng
Bilingual K2 pm
Ms Key Chan (TA)
Bilingual K2 Teaching Assistant
Ms Karen Sargent
International K3 pm
Ms Kym Alanguilan (TA)
International K3 Teaching Assistant
Ms Susan Kan
Bilingual K3 pm
Ms Miky Cheng
Bilingual K3 pm

Admin Staff

Ms Stephanie Wong
Administrative Assistant
Ms Rainbow Yiu
Administrative Assistant
Ms Eve Ip
Administrative Assistant
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