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Discovery Mind Summer Programme 2019

For children aged from 15 months to 11 years old

2 July – 26 July 2019


Enrolment Open Now!

Thank you for your interest in our school, Discovery Mind. We are an International school in Hong Kong that has been educating children for 20 years. We provide a through train education from 15 months to 11 years old and are now serving 700 pupils with over 30 nationalities. We offer exciting learning experiences in our play centres, kindergartens and primary levels at four different campuses in Discovery Bay and Tung Chung. To enroll in our school or request a school tour, please send your email to


International Curriculum

The international teaching programme of Discovery Mind Kindergarten is primarily based on an adapted version of the English“The Foundation Stage” curriculum, with some modifications to incorporate our international setting. It has been developed for children aged 2 years 8 months to 5 years and uses a series of early learning goals that are reached in a series of stepping stones.

Our aim at Discovery Mind Kindergarten is for all children to explore their potential and achieve at their own pace. Individual students from different nationalities, backgrounds and languages are given specific attention and care.

The curriculum covers eight areas of learning:

1. Personal, social and emotional development

We consider this a vital way to help children develop positive. This approach to learning encourages motivation, concentration and a positive approach to work. It empowers them to express their own needs and feelings while being aware of others around them.

2. Communication and language

Aimed at developing communication skills, we focus on listening, speaking and questioning. Listening skills are enhanced through stories, rhymes and songs. By asking who, when, where, what, why and how, we encourage students to extend their vocabulary and sentence structure.

3. Literacy development

Relating sounds in words to writing, we actively develop an interest in words, sounds and text.

4. Mathematical development

Through stories, songs, games and imaginative play, students develop an understanding of numbers, shapes, measurement, patterns and mathematical language.

5. Understanding the world

Discovery Mind Kindergarten provides opportunities for students to explore and learn how things work and why things happen – leading to a better understanding of the world around them. Each child has access to a computer in their classroom with programmes to help develop their reading, writing and numeracy skills in subjects including:

  • Science
  • Design and technology
  • History
  • Geography
  • Information technology communications
  • Cultures and beliefs

6. Physical development

We believe in the importance of developing a sense of well-being and confidence through helping them improve their coordination, manipulation and movement skills. This also instills in them a sense of achievement.

7. Expressive art and design

The act of being creative helps children make connections between different areas of learning. We engage them in activities involving art, music, movement and dance as well as imaginative play.

8. Putonghua

Twice a week, a highly qualified teacher whose first language is Putonghua teaches students sounds, tones and topic-based vocabulary through songs and games.



Bilingual Curriculum

The Bilingual teaching programme of Discovery Mind Kindergarten are knowledge, skills and attitudes form the basis of a child’s balanced development. At Discovery Mind Kindergarten, children learn about basic skills and concepts, while developing positive values and attitudes within the learning environment and beyond. Our comprehensive teaching programme for children incorporates intellectual, physical, social and ethical aspects, preparing them well to explore the world.

1. Language

Our experienced and qualified native language teachers help children to develop their skills in expressing themselves and enrich their vocabulary through stories, conversation and sharing of experiences in English and Putonghua. Children will learn to speak politely, clearly and fluently using the acquired vocabulary. By encouraging them to ask and answer questions, students learn to make simple inferences, solve problems and predict outcomes. At the same time, our one-to-one reading sessions cater for each child’s individual needs. Students will be given activities and tools such as sounds, word boxes and reading books according to their level.

2. Early mathematics

At Discovery Mind Kindergarten, we organise diverse, topic-based activities according to children’s living environment, experiences, development, interests and intellectual ability. Students learn basic and elementary mathematical concepts such as counting, ordering, sequencing, sorting and comparing. They will also learn to identify the properties of objects in terms of colour, size, weight and shape, together with a basic concept of space and time. These activities and observations will help children develop their thinking and problem solving ability for analysis and discussion, enhancing their interests, positive attitude and communication skills.

3. Science and technology

Children are curious about the environment. We help cultivate their interest in discovering the physical world with objectivity and curiosity. Students learn basic exploration techniques such as observation, questioning, making predictions and problem solving. With an awareness of the relationship between humans and nature as well as technology and living, children learn to care for themselves, society, animals, plants and the environment.

4. Arts

Through music, drama, dance and visual arts, children are encouraged to develop their bodies and become aware of their senses. This provides children with the basis for creative development. Children learn an appreciation of nature and art through the fun of different creative activities using a variety of media and materials.

5. Physical fitness and health

We empower students to build resilience and self-care through a healthy lifestyle by cultivating good habits through participation in physical activities, personal and public hygiene, and safety.

6. Self and society

There are nearly 40 different nationalities from five continents at Discovery Mind, where children learn to communicate and interact with people of different nationalities and cultures. We teach children about themselves and to appreciate their own special qualities to build self- confidence. They will be able to expand their social circle in a diverse multi-cultural setting and cultivate civic awareness with an understanding of different cultures.





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